What is the online service?

AP Morgan's online service is a cutting-edge service which goes far above and beyond the service provided by online estate agents. AP Morgan Online takes the best parts of other online estate agency services, and combines them with our award-winning customer service, local agents, and in-branch sales progression teams to create what we think is the best online estate agency service available.

How does the online service work?

Our online service puts our sellers and buyers in control of their sale and/or purchase. Through our online platform you can book a free valuation directly into your local AP Morgan branch manager's diary directly, at any time of day or night. There's no need to wait around for confirmation. Once your valuation has been carried out, you can confirm the property's sale price and instruct us to sell your home and customise your service by adding any add-ons you may need.

The next step would be carrying out the take on - this is where we prepare our marketing materials for the property. This appointment mainly consists of taking professional photographs of the property both inside and out, taking measurements, and drawing up a floor plan. With these details we put together an online 'brochure' for your property and send it to you for your approval. This brochure represents how your property will be marketed. Once you approve it, we will put your property on the market.

The vast majority of buyers start their property search online. Therefore, once your property is on the market, it goes live on the AP Morgan website and Rightmove in order to reach the maximum number of potential buyers for your property. Whether you have chosen to carry out viewings yourself or have opted to pay for accompanied viewings, buyers can contact us through our website or directly and we will help arrange the viewings to suit you. You will always be notified of viewings booked on your property regardless of who is attending. Just as with our no sale no fee service, you still receive a distinctive 'For Sale' board outside your property as well.

We will request feedback from your potential buyers and help negotiate any offers for you. Once an offer has been accepted, your file is picked up by our in-branch aftersales team who will then take your sale through to completion.

What are the fees?

AP Morgan Online will sell your home for a fixed fee of just £830+VAT. This is significantly less than our no sale no fee however, this fee is paid upfront instead of on completion. For this small fee, you still get all of the service as explained above, just for a much lower cost to yourself. If you would like us to carry out your viewings for you, we can do this for a fee of £250+VAT, just let us know at any time and we can add this to your package.

How are valuations conducted?

Valuations are carried out by your local AP Morgan branch manager or valuer. This is the same person who carries out valuations for our traditional estate agency service. At the appointment they will not only explain the value of your house and the reasons for the valuation, but they will also explain both of AP Morgan's services so you can decide for yourself which option is best for selling your property.

How will my property be marketed?

Your property will be marketed on AP Morgan's website which is visited by thousands of local people every month. In addition to this your property is also marketed on Rightmove. We will also erect one of our distinctive AP Morgan Online purple boards outside of your property.

How are viewings carried out?

For properties being marketed with AP Morgan Online, viewings are usually carried out by the seller. However, we do offer an accompanied viewings add-on service where an agent from your local office carries out the viewings on your behalf. You can either be present at the property as they carry out viewings or leave us with a key to carry them out ourselves. The choice is yours! If you would like us to carry out your viewings for you just let us know at any time and we can add this to your package.

How do I communicate with the agent?

Pick up the phone! Unlike some online-only agents, we don't believe in adding any additional barriers to conversation. If you need to speak to your agent simply pick up the phone and one of our team will be able to help. If we're not available over the phone, then drop us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Will my property be accurately valued?

Some online-only agents either rely on inaccurate online tools to value properties for them, or purposely over-value properties in order to mislead the seller and inflate their stock or undervalue properties in order to sell quickly. Our valuers are the same that go out to our no-sale-no-fee valuations and have been valuing properties in the local area for many years. This means our valuers are not only experienced, but as our valuations are consistent across our online and traditional services it is easy to see that we do not artificially over or under value our property prices.

Which service is right for me?

Use AP Morgan Online if you value:

  • Cheaper fees: If you are committed to selling your home, then whether you pay a fee upfront or on completion makes little difference.
  • Convenience: We make it easy to fit your sale around your schedule. Viewings take place when you are available - including evenings and weekends.
  • Flexibility: By customising your service according to exactly what you need, you can be sure that your service suits you.

Use AP Morgan's traditional service if you value:

  • Traditional marketing: Properties marketed with AP Morgan's traditional service get exposure in our branch window displays.
  • Financial qualification of buyers: With our traditional service, we confirm our buyers are able to afford what they say they can afford before they buy any properties by having them sit down with our in-house financial advisor beforehand.
  • Calling out to a local database of buyers: When a new property comes on the market with our traditional service, we call our local database of buyers to find interested parties.