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Stourbridge has a wide variety of properties available for many prospective buyers, tenants and landlords. Whether you’re a first-time buyer looking for a home for your young family, a professional looking for a high-quality, trendy apartment, or a landlord looking for excellent buy-to-let opportunities, Stourbridge has something available for everyone.

New Build Homes

Over the past few decades we have seen many new developments crop up in and around Stourbridge, providing a wide selection of communities to choose from, with their own amenities, transport links, schools, and green spaces. A far cry from the soulless red-brick new build estates throughout the country, the new build properties in Stourbridge come in a wide range of styles and locations to suit anybody. Most of these developments are home to families who enjoy the high build quality of the properties, large gardens, large driveways, and their ability to accommodate a family as it grows and develops.


Stourbridge, like any large town, is home to several flats and apartments in a wide range of styles, from sleek, modern central apartments, to house shares. One option that many people new to the area are often surprised by is a large number of converted loft spaces available in the historic warehouse and factory spaces. The decline of the glass-making industry in Stourbridge that had built up over the centuries left many spaces available for conversion for people looking for a convenient town to commute to Birmingham, Worcester, or other areas of the Black Country. Unlike these built-up areas, you can get much more for your money in Stourbridge, whilst still living in the large, open-plan, exposed brickwork, original features loft apartment of your dreams.

Buy To Let

As a buy to let investor, Stourbridge is full of opportunity. Whether you’re an experienced landlord looking to expand their portfolio or just looking to start out as a first-time landlord, we can help you find the perfect property to suit your needs. Because of its location, Stourbridge is home to many young families in need of a home to rent, and there is a great selection of property to buy to capitalise on this market. Take your choice from properties that are effectively ready to move into if you want to get started quickly or take on a property that needs some work in order to get a little more return on your investment. However you want to proceed, we can assist.

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