Make Sure Your Property Stands Out In The Autumn Market


Early autumn is one of the busiest times of the year when it comes to property. Once the kids are back at school, people begin to look for their new home. When a sale is agreed in September, it gives everyone plenty of time to get moving before getting into the festive spirit. This gives everyone looking to sell a great opportunity to engage with a market of eager buyers.

However, because there’s a much greater number of properties coming on to the market about this time, you need to be sure that your property stands out amongst the competition. You need to make sure to display your home in a way that shows off all of its great features in a clean & tidy way.


You’ve lived in your property for years, and you might be blind to elements of your property that may turn others off. Invite a friend or relative to have a look at your home with a fresh pair of eyes. Your estate agent will also be able to provide guidance on areas that may be in need of your attention.

Focus on improving your kerb appeal by making small changes to the exterior of your property – first impressions make a massive difference and help to put your potential buyers in the right frame of mind when viewing your property. You don’t have to pour out load, but simply touching up any paintwork, such as fences and handrails, and making sure your garden is tidy, will go a long way. Make sure the inside of your house is also spotless, possibly look into getting your carpet professionally cleaned to remove any lingering dirt and potentially unpleasant smells.

Your estate agent should take great photos of your property – AP Morgan always take professional quality photos, but you need to be sure your house is spotless in order to showcase the property in the best possible light – this means you need to take care of the obvious stuff e.g. no overflowing bins, clothes on the floor, dishes on the site, etc. But also make sure of things such as not having any cars in the driveway blocking the view, and that there aren’t too many personal effects on show.

Try to follow these steps and always talk with your estate agent to make sure you can follow all of their advice to get the best deal. Feel free to contact your local AP Morgan branch to find out more information.