Small Kitchen Design Ideas


A kitchen doesn’t have to be huge in order to look fantastic. With clever design ideas and strategies, you can make a small kitchen look stylish, practical, and bigger than it already is.

Whilst most of us might desire a massive kitchen with enough room for guests to comfortably socialise in, and to sit down at a large dining table, but the reality is sometimes these properties are just unrealistic. Here are some design ideas to bear in mind when looking at a property so you aren’t put off by the size of the kitchen or lack of space.

Clear Away The Clutter In Open Cupboards.

Large, overbearing wall cabinets can use up a lot of space and make your kitchen feel enclosed and claustrophobic. By getting rid of large cabinets and instead of replacing them with open shelving you can create a much more open feeling. Just be sure to limit how many shelves you use and put up, and what is stored on them.

If there is too much stuff taking up space on the worktops, consider space-saving ideas such as wall-mounted knife strips, rails to hang pots and pans, and spice racks. Also take some time to consider what you need to regularly have to hand, and what you might be able to pack away until as and when it’s needed.

Keep Your Design Scheme Simple

One of the easiest ways to make a room seem larger is simply using the right colour scheme. Keep the design of the room clean and contemporary with simple white walls, mirrored materials, and open, minimal designs.

Integrated Appliances

By being smart with your planning, you can integrate any appliances into the cabinetry of the kitchen in order to keep the space looking sleek and compact.