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Amblecote is a village just north of the centre of Stourbridge. Sharing much of its history with the wider town of Stourbridge, Amblecote has grown and thrived just as the area around it has, with its own unique history of industry, sports, and arts.

In modern times Amblecote is primarily a residential area, with several developments built between the 1960s and 1990s. Unlike many rapid urban expansion projects of the time, the Amblecote developments were not careless, characterless constructions. The addition of almost 8000 new homes to the area connected Brierley Hill and Stourbridge for the first time ever, so it was incredibly important for there to be a sense of a single cohesive community and no clean-cut divide between the historic, ancient village and this new, almost suburban development. Because of this, the various areas of Amblecote each have a sense of local community that many communities and developments built in the late 20th century don’t have.

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