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Oldswinford is a very historic area of Stourbridge, with a history dating back to ancient times. Oldswinford was once a large parish area, covering all of what is known in modern times as Stourbridge. Throughout the middle ages Oldswinford and its manor, Old Swinford, changed hands many times over during the many political upheavals of that time, even becoming a contested area during the Civil War! Amongst the most exciting and well-known historical events involving Oldswinford was the gunpowder plot; the ruling family of Oldswinford, the Littletons, were heavily involved with Robert Catesby’s plot to destroy the houses of parliament, and because of their loyalty to the Royalist cause were superseded by the Foleys following the resolution of the war. The Foleys’ wealth was primarily derived from the iron industry, which was rapidly expanding at the time. Because of this, industry was encouraged and subsequently thrived in Stourbridge, enabling it to grow into the world capital of glass manufacture. This winding, enthralling historical story means that in modern times, Oldswinford is now home to many converted industrial spaces, each with their own unique history. In addition to these historic developments, Oldswinford has been heavily developed with upmarket private housing over the past decades, resulting in a wide selection of properties available for anyone.

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