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Wordsley is an independent village considered by many to be part of Stourbridge due to it’s close geographic and cultural ties with the town. Wordsley has a rich history taking back centuries, and even lays claim to briefly hosting Charles II during the English Civil War. Since then, much like many areas of Stourbridge, the area has been home to a large number of glassworks, creating some of the most famous and world-renowned artworks, and producing some of the world’s most well-known glassmakers, who traveled to all corners of the globe to bring high-quality, artisan glass making to the rest of the world. Parts of these historic buildings, glasshouses, and even former historic hospitals, have now been converted into housing, providing incredibly unique properties to those in the market for them. Wordsley continues to provide an impact in the world of arts, culture, and entertainment, with several art, music, and theatre groups operating in the area.

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